Waiting for my tide to come in…

I had a powerful dream last night. It started out with all the weirdness of strange people and events that don’t tie together. But in the end – and this scene was pretty movie-like – a pivotal scene – I found a ship wedged in the sand on the beach. There were people getting on it and I got on board too. Most of the people just hung out there; I was the newcomer. I was going to get on the main deck, but someone suggested I needed to be up higher… I first mate. I told the leader of these people (was this the captain?) that the ship was going to sail. I pointed out the tide coming in and lapping the edge of the ship. The guy said, “That water was just as high yesterday.”

“Yes, but the tides not all the way in today; the water will get higher and higher every day.”

Then there was some weird “scene” where an elephant was trapped in the sand on the beach. This bit was very disney-like: some simplistic character (maybe another animal) was going to help his elephant-friend out of the sand before he drowned. But a wave a came in, the elephant held his breath (not really, he just closed his mouth and lifted his trunk above the water line) and the incoming wave loosened the sand beneath him and he was able to break free! It was one of those foreshadowing scenes explaining how the boat was going to make it off the beach.

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