Somewhere between paranoia and lackadaisical… vigilance. Note to self: don’t f-up! Maybe I can blame mistakes on the fact that I had not enough sleep and then I forgot to take my medicine. But of course, not taking my medicine is where I began to err. No, wait. Staying up till 11 o’clock reading a knitting mag was the first mistake.

Anyway, vigilance: I not only need to my basic take care of myself stuff like take asthma medicine and eat a decent breakfast (GS cookies do not equal decent breakfast). But I also need to do at least one thing to strive for something better. Like walk a little more – gotta train for that Cancer walk coming up! And certainly I need to build up to the April Hike — I bet it’s more than the three-mile-hike around St Helens when I forgot my inhaler and didn’t have enough water. Or that six mile trek around the city that almost killed me last time.

So to keep my focus on being middle-of-the-road, then I need to get out there and really push myself to walk more; but still leave myself an out before my body is entirely exhausted and then I keep walking and hit the “miracle mile.” Hah! You’ve heard tell of it and maybe thought it was just a pretty little saying about hope and endurance? No, it really physically happens.

See, when a body is so exhausted that it can no longer keep moving, it sends pain instructions to the muscles as and indicator to STOP! STOP the madness! Well, the miracle mile is about an hour after that when, for some stupid reason, the body keeps going anyway and the body gives up: the endorphins kick in and the body feels no pain at all, even when it should. That’s when a person feels like she can go all day and finish this crazy walk and maybe my legs weren’t crumbling from exhaustion but just from lack of determination.

Nope, determination is not the cure. STOPPING is the cure because in this state is where the most damage is done because the body figures it’s going to die anyway and might as well quit fighting the brain’s overwhelming will and cooperates. And the body decides, well to make this better let’s throw in some yummy chemicals to ease the pain and suffering in the end…

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