An open letter to Jesse Loesberg


I read your story about learning to love your stutter and I felt sad; mostly because on a tiny scale I can relate. By all means, I am not considered a stutterer or a person who stutters. Frankly, I’m yakking all the time – it’s a rare moment when I shut my mouth. However, I do prefer the time and freedom of writing – choosing my words carefully. I can really think when I write and articulate myself well. When I talk out loud, I don’t get to think about how my words sound or my story should be structured – I just spew. But occasionally, while talking and spewing, I try to pause and think about my words they way I do in writing. And frankly, pausing works way better with the fingers doing the work on the keyboard. Pausing to think while talking can cause me to stutter. And that is where I relate to your sad story. You see, the look of shock and horror upon someone I know well when they see me stop rambling and get stuck on a word… Well, I can only imagine how hurtful that must be when it is a constant way of life. I’ll be droning along, realize the wrong word is about to come out of my mouth and try to stop it! Then, well, my mind races – but not fast enough – I try to think of the right sound and the old word is stuck in my throat while I’m imagining the listener thinking as her eyes get bigger: “Oh my God! Is she going to huck a fur ball?”


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