Red Letter

This is a red letter day in history. This is the day I start a new story. You see, I heard about this guy, Donald Miller (?) he talks about, “What is your story?” He says that if you have a life, there’s a story going on. And when you get bored with your story, you go looking for one. My story, while it has been going well, I realize is not complete. I still wanted more.

I had a crap-tastic job (that paid well with great benefits!) and when that ended I searched for the right job. I started that in January. Then, I even got the backlog to balance without additional help — woohoo! I told my boss that day was a red-letter day.

Now,  a red letter day is red not only so it can be remembered on a regular basis; but it has to be celebrated. I intend to celebrate and remember this day by repeating my action. I’ve even set a goal, that is, an objective for my story. My objective is to lose weight. I have seen Mikey doing his thing and losing weight. He made up his mind to just go to the gym and work out. He does cardio almost every day and even lifts weights. He’s worked up these great muscles that his girlfriend, my best friend, just loves. And she also helps with eating right. You see, he’s really into sweets and she is not. She’s been helping him dial the sugar thing down a notch and sharing the virtue, as well as flavor, of vegetables!

I want my story to be like that. I want to just get up every day, do some exercise, eat some decent food and chip away at the goal – I mean – objective. Well, so I’ve built my castles in the air; I just have to put my foundations under them. I have made a very doable goal of losing 60 pounds in one year. I totally reserve the right to make changes to that goal as becomes necessary. Not because I’m giving myself permission to fail, but because I’m giving myself permission to succeed. If it proves that goal won’t work, I will set a new one.

So, you see, 60 pounds in a year is only 15 pounds per quarter. My short-term goal aimed at the objective then, is to lose 15 pounds by the end of July. Dude, that’s only five pounds per month! Maybe I can step that goal up to 20 pounds by The Fourth, but we’ll see how it goes. Because frankly, this first goal is really to just pick a story and work on it without fail. And certainly if I do that, I can lose 15 pounds by July 31.

Anyway, it’s out there for the whole world to see. Whether anyone will read it… Well I don’t know; but at least I have a record of it, let I forget. Ok, tomorrow I will write about the baby chicks dream. For now, I have to go change out of my newest fat jeans  – they are feeling tight – and put on something more lose-fitting.

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