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What is it all about?

October 14, 2010

…This blog I mean. I won’t pretend to have the mysteries of the universe figured out – such as why are we here. Too many more profound others have pondered that thought with probably better results than I could muster.

I have been avoiding it because I have had no progress in my get healthy/fit/skinny journey. I thought writing all my muck on the internets would somehow make me more accountable. Well, it hasn’t. It just makes me avoid writing in my blog. So I don’t. I haven’t written in the blog, I haven’t even journaled. I want to.  I want to write. Add this to my list of life’s aspirations that only take ten minutes a day but that I don’t do.

So, I guess the blog’s still about My Life’s Dross, that is, all the impurities that have to be burned out of my personality. But I’ll face it: It’s a long process. And the refiner’s fire is burning slowly and not too hot… Thank God! I don’t think I could handle too much truth and change and purity burned into me at once. Yes, most people are like that, right?