Hello world!

August 27, 2008

Welcome to my new blog! I think I will be very happy here. I have been unhappy with my previous blog website service and so I never wrote. But I realize I need an outlet for all the crazy stuff in my head. You see, bugging my DH with it is hardly an option anymore. Not because he doesn’t adore me; mostly just because of the aforementioned “bugging.”

First, I usually like to start thinking about random things at bedtime. And while he is a night person and me a morning person, he nonetheless becomes sleepy and incoherent when within about five feet of the pillow-top. The pillow-top effect, where you sink into fluffy, comfy, sleepy oblivion doesn’t really affect me until I’m completely horizontal and the lights off. Until then, my mind starts to ramble.

Sometimes it’s physics, or philosophy; but usually it’s people – we’ll call it “psychology” to make it sound academic. But mostly I just wonder why people do certain things. Like, why do people invest so much of their ego into their jobs? I mean, it is just a job and your employer has hired you oversee a certain task… But, don’t you have more going on in your life? I mean, you as a person has very little to do with this job and you could be let go at any moment and what would that do to your self-esteem? Then, when the project is going down, say the company has lost the bid and it’s for sure things are going to change — people get all crazy wondering about the future. Frankly, if people had some sort of identity and stability other than this job, maybe they would not be so freaked out and have to snap at me. Little old me who welcomes change as another opportunity to learn something new about a whole other set of people.

Anyway, that’s the type of stuff that runs through my head most of the day and dogg-on-it if I don’t have the decency to hold my tongue. Then I only feel comfortable relinquishing these almost dirty thoughts in the confines our room where no one else is allowed to go — not even the cats. And there it is, in the midst of all this privacy and sanctuary, is that yummy pillow-top. I feel all comfortable enough to spew my darkest thoughts and DH has to listen when he’d rather be sleeping. And I should probably be sleeping too. Hence this blog.

Here I can write whatever strikes my fancy to no one in particular and nobody need feel personally offended. If I get it out there on “paper,” then maybe I won’t snap-back at someone who’s only sin was being the poor unfortunate soul who’s being thrust into the unknown by uncontrollable circumstances. Poor bastards anyway. They don’t need me probing their already bruised spirits with my arrogant condescending thoughts. Hey, maybe someone out there on the Internets will think it’s funny! 😉

A bird!

A bird!